Access Control

ISONAS has re-invented how access control works to create a system that is simpler to install, easier to scale, easier to use and is less expensive than any other option currently in the market.

Traditional Access Control Systems are “panel-based”, meaning that the device at the door that reads the card that contains the bearer’s identity code is attached with lots of wires (literally miles of wires in large buildings) to a central control point (the “panel”). The proprietary nature of these old systems also makes them very expensive to install and maintain. Led by the video surveillance segment of the electronic security industry however, this situation is changing.

It is normal today for a business to have a computing infrastructure that interconnects and provides management platforms for virtually every critical business function, except for electronic security systems.

That infrastructure is based on the Internet Protocol (IP) networks deployed by business, governmental, educational and just about any other kind of organization, large or small, throughout the world. Our Access Control Systems were the “first mover” products to take advantage of the power of moving Access Control to a company’s existing network infrastructure.

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