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Web Security

Cisco Cloud Web Security (CWS) solution is delivering intelligent cybersecurity for the real world. CWS provides superb visibility, consistent control, and advanced threat protection before, during, and after an attack.

Cisco Cloud Web Security

Cisco CWS offers extensive security as a service (SaaS) with efficient deployment, no maintenance or upgrades, and all run through the cloud.


Granular web use policies: CWS are customizable through administrators and gives added control and analytics over web content and application usage and the way they interact with the newest and most damaging security threats.

Easy to integrate, CWS can be connected and added to your existing infrastructure.

Advanced Threat Protection: Cisco AMP and Threat Grid protect you against a spectrum of attacks – before, during, and after. Tagging each file that passes through your network, these indicators give added intelligence and techniques on how to prevent and remedy future attacks and present security breaches.

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Email Security

Cyber-attacks happen most frequently through our email creating a constant need for reliable and accountable email security systems. Cisco Cloud Email Security for Office 365 is industry leading technology that protects close to 50% of Fortune 1000 companies. Innovation and adaptability has kept Cisco email security one of the best systems.


Reliable, all-inclusive service with software, computing power, and support.

Cost-effective cloud-based solution creating a succinct onsite data center footprint.

Dedicated email security instances in multiple, resilient Cisco data centers promote exceptional service availability and data protection.

Onsite: the hybrid solution delivers advanced control on-site while taking advantage of cost-effective convenience of the cloud.

Outbreak filters that detect new viruses in real time and remediate phishing attacks.

Graymail management and safe unsubscribe to safely control social media, bulk and marketing email.

Cisco email security innovations: Sender Reputation, Advanced Malware Protection and URL controls to provide cutting-edge technology to protect our customers from constantly emerging threats.

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