Cisco Unified Mobility

Mobility solutions let your employees conduct business anywhere, anytime, from any device delivering three key capabilities to the organization: insight, collaboration, and awareness. The technology underpinning mobility spans the spectrum of network capabilities: wired and wireless IP networks, unified communications, and location tracking solutions, each of which has integral security capabilities to protect both the device and the enterprise network.
Cisco provides a broad portfolio of wireless networking products designed to increase employee productivity, enhance collaboration, and improve responsiveness between employees, partners, and customers. The Cisco Unified Wireless Network solution supports real-time business-critical applications and creates a secure, mobile, interactive workplace so that organizations can exceed customer expectations, outpace their competitors, and realize a measurable return on investment.

About Us

Access Points

Cisco Aironet access points and bridges connect wireless devices to networks, providing ubiquitous network access for many wireless environments. Cisco’s next-generation wireless solutions offer robust wireless coverage with up to 9 times the throughput of 802.11a/b/g networks and Cisco enterprise wireless mesh enables cost-effective, scalable deployment of secure indoor and outdoor wireless LANs.

Client Devices

Client adapters and other devices that connect desktop and mobile devices to the wireless network.

Wireless LAN Controllers

Standalone, integrated or modular devices that simplify the deployment and operation of wireless networks, helping to ensure smooth performance, enhanced security, and maximum network availability.

Network Management

Allows design, control, and monitoring of enterprise wireless networks from a centralized location, simplifying operations and reducing the total cost of ownership.
Mobility Services: Combines applications, devices, and the network as a platform to deliver superior scale for wireless networks and unified communications.

The technologies that support awareness include:


Wireless LANs that allow the tracking of mobile devices and people throughout a building


Active and passive RF identification (RFID) tags that report the movement of assets and the condition of the item, including temperature, humidity, vibration, and availability


Location appliances that track usage, location, movement, and trends