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Wireless Access Points

High-performance, Enterprise-class WLAN Access Points.

The Enterasys Wireless solution optimizes distribution of the processing load between Access Points (APs) and wireless controllers to deliver exceptional performance while remaining easy to manage. Complex, time-sensitive functions such as QoS, encryption, policy enforcement, rate limiting, and dynamic channel selection are handled by the AP, while global functions like configuration, roaming, security management, and policy control are centralized at the wireless controller or the Enterasys Network Management Suite (NMS) console. Furthermore, the innovative Enterasys Wireless solutions-oriented architecture is able to determine how to forward traffic for the highest performance and reliability for each application. The result is a flexible and dependable WLAN infrastructure that can easily be leveraged to deploy VoWLAN and new high-performance solutions such as HD video.

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Wireless Controllers

High-performance, Enterprise-class WLAN Controllers.

The award-winning Enterasys Wireless Controller family provides a scalable range of solutions that are ideal for managed WLAN deployments supporting demanding voice/video/data applications. Our Wireless Controllers are simple to deploy and manage, yet provide advanced functionality to allow organizations to define how wireless voice/video/data traffic is processed without architectural constraints and in accordance with the business needs.

Scalable to over 1000 Access Points per wireless controller with unified management of 802.11n and 802.11a/b/g Access Points

Seamless roaming with centralized and distributed forwarding

Integrated wireless IPS to proactively protect against security threats

High-availability architecture for real-time voice/video/data applications

Lifetime warranty (select controllers) to minimize the total cost of ownership

Enterasys Wireless Controllers are available in the following models:

C25 – supports up to 96 APs

V2110 – supports up to 240 APs

C4110 – supports up to 500 APs

C5110 – supports up to 1050 APship

Wireless Management Suite

Wireless Management with Integrated Intrusion Prevention

The Enterasys Wireless Management Suite (WMS) is a powerful centralized management platform for the Enterasys Wireless portfolio, consolidating management information from across the entire WLAN to provide a global network perspective. The solution is enhanced by the WMS Wireless Intrusion Prevention System (WIPS) option which provides sophisticated wireless intrusion prevention and location assessment capabilities.

Enterasys WMS aggregates network and usage data from multiple Enterasys Wireless Controllers and Access Points to provide IT managers with an extensive set of historical reports. Thresholds can be defined for easy identification and resolution of pending scalability or performance issues. Events and alerts are consolidated in a dashboard, complemented by easy-to-read charts, statistics, and reports that detail information about users, devices, and traffic.

The Wireless Management Suite WIPS centralizes all WLAN security events detected by access points and optional sensors. With WIPS, the same access points that provide wireless service can be used as permanent RF scanning sensors, or be configured for periodic scans, adding even more efficiency to network operations. WIPS can take automatic action upon detecting security events to immediately block and accurately identify the location of rogue access points and clients, allowing their prompt removal while the threat is contained through RF countermeasures