Unified Computing System (UCS)

Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) is an integrated system built on unified, model-based management. With its simplified deployment for enterprise-class applications and services running on bare-metal, virtualized, and cloud-computing environments, UCS has created a dependable, scalable and manageable product and solution. UCS servers simplify data center architecture; reduce the number of devices purchased, deployed, and maintained; and improve speed and agility.

UCS satisfies today’s demands and will be able to accommodate future technologies—more powerful processors, faster Ethernet standards, etc. Service profiles enable just-in-time provisions, automating many tasks, and adaptive computing resources for the rapidly changing business and workload requirements. UCS streamlines data center resources, efficiently scales delivery of services, and greatly reduces the number of devices needing individualized setup, management, power and cooling, and cabling.

UNIFIED COMPUTING SYSTEM product and solutions:

Modular Servers: UCS M-Series

Blade Servers: UCS B-Series and Options

Rack Servers: UCS C-Series and Options

Cisco UCS C3000 Series Rack Servers: UCS C3160 and UCS C3260


Cisco UCS Systems Management Software

UCS Fabric Interconnects and Fabric Extenders

Blade Servers for ISR Routers: UCS E-Series

Rack and Power Infrastructure

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